TCL full screen smartphone release 5.7 inch

AS we know bezel-less cellphone is so hot this year. Many brand cellphone use bezel-less catch consumer eyes. But TCL produce bezel-less smartphone with Quietly. At China Mobile’s Global Partner Conference, TCL A5 is full screen mobile phone that has never been seen before.

TCL A5 powered Eight core processor and 16 million pixel dual photo Selfie, using a 5.7-inch 18: 9 full-screen.

It is reported that TCL A5 flagship Selfie, positioning in the end, and will be listed in the country. But from the current situation in the domestic mobile phone market, TCL share is not much, coupled with the competition of domestic full screen mobile phone has been very fierce, full screen design of the iPhone X and loved by the user, so TCL A5 in the future The challenge should not be small. However, if the TCL A5 can have excellent price / performance, may be able to attract a lot of users.

PopSockets for TCL A5 pretect your smartphone slip down from your hand.