The best desin of iPhone next year, Apple fans expected it

whatever your are an Apple fans or not. During the past couple of years, it is have not been stop of Apple news release. the first version’s design of iPhone which have been use 3 version. and the last version which is bezel-less still have many opposition.

Recently, There is a news that let us know the reason. A designer Jony Ive which was the most trustworthy by Jobs. he was charge the design of iPhone again. Recently a lady Amy Bessette of Apple company said “As Apple Park was built, Apple’s design leadership and team reported directly to Jony Ive, and Jony Ive was still focused on design”

Jony Ive who was the chief design officer of Apple Inc, he now was mainly busy with the design and construction of Apple’s new headquarters after taking over management positions in 2015. Now with the new headquarters in operation, Jony Ive resumes his career and returns to Apple Design team in management positions. It seems that next year’s iPhone expectations will be with the return of the design masters soared straight!