The new flagship Huawei P11 is show on Huawei official website testing page

2018 is coming, Huawei is preparing for new version flagship. No long ago, we found Huawei P11 and P12 on the oversea official website, we guess this is ready for P series cellphone by Huawei team. there just P11 and P12 show, there is no link and can not add to shopping cart.

The information on the page as same as Huawei Ascend Mate 7 content. it may just copy for it. all the content is not about P11 and P12. so we can said it prepare for P11 and P12 in 2018.

we heard that Huawei P series will named P20, P20 may powered with kirin 970 chipset and 6GB RAM. keeping light on 3600mAh battery, there is still one 3.5mm hearset hold. what will you think the next Huawei P series named? P11/P12 or P20.