Apple sold 2239 million iPhone, Get 44% smart phone market

according to the new report from market research agency Counterpoint, America total sold out 5120 million smart phone in last year Christmas shopping days, and iPhone make a record that already sold 2239 million. it is meaning Apple cellphone get the smart phone market from 37% to 44%. this is the top sale value of Apple in the America.

Counterpoint analyst think that Apple product get such good top sale value in the four quarter of 2017, it is amazing sale result. because last year Christmas promotion is not spend so much Manpower and time, and Users keep cellphone time longer now. the proportion is decline. the whole cellphone market only is 2% increase, Apple get 20% increase. it is meaning that Apple already total win SamSung of high-end cellphone market.

American still love Apple products, iPhone X price is more than 999USD, We know it from the report that iPhone X sale value is more than iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

In terms of average selling price, iPhone X 256GB version of iPhone 8/8 Plus also help Apple’s average selling price climb new highs. Allegedly, more than 10.5 million iPhones cost more than $ 850, making Apple nearly $ 9 billion in sales of the iPhone for the season.